You don't know what Cantera is ? Or you want to know more about it ?

The 'Description' section of this website will provide you with general information and useful links on the software Cantera. If you're a complete noob, check out the documents from the CERFACS Cantera formation !!

Through this website, non-experienced users will also find directions to use and install Cantera on their computer, and access tutorials to run some standard computations (see the dedicated sections 'Installation' and 'Tutorials').

Those who are already familiar with Cantera and whish for reliable detailed, reduced or global combustion schemes to use in their Cantera applications; can find all the different combustion schemes used at Cerfacs under the 'Referenced Mechanisms' section.

Access to the 'Database' of all files stored for this website (documents, scripts, mechanisms files, solution files...) is permitted by clicking here.

Check regularly the Updates section to keep informed about the latest developments in the CERFACS version of the code !