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How to Obtain OpenPALM

After many years of development and regular use, starting on January 2011, the PALM coupler has become Open Source with the name OpenPALM.
Every user is entitled to receive the full sources of the coupler, to use them and to modify them, accordingly to the LGPL v3 license, as stated in the header of every single source file.
CERFACS will centralize the integration of the contributed development and will distribute the official releases.

As stated in the license, the code comes with no guarantees. CERFACS offers user support, training and on site maintenance on the basis of specific agreements with the users.

To obtain a full bundle of the latest stable release, you are kindly requested to register as user with the presentation form at this page. Even if it is not strictly required for further diffusions of OpenPALM, we strongly encourage any new user to notify the PALM team of any new application.

Users are also invited to fill and regularly updates a project status description form. If agreed on, a short project description will be accessible on line in the Applications section of this site.


Please, if you agree, provide all the relevant scientific and technical details helping in treating any further request, namely:

  • A short description of the project and of the involved organizations, the number of people working on the project and the project calendar.
  • A list of the codes to be coupled, with the indication of the sources accessibility, and a list of the platforms (hardware, operating system, compilers) where they will run.

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