MUSAF colloquium:
27-29 September 2010

Multiphysics and Unsteady Simulations for Aeronautical Flows

(around Aircraft and within Engines)

With the advent of massively parallel computing and the access to thousands of processors for a single computation, advanced numerical simulations of aeronautical flows face new perspectives and challenges. Among these new perspectives, current state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes can now be integrated into wider industrial problems where multiphysics modeling and fully unsteady predictions are known to be crucial. Impact should be readily visible throughout a wide range of external and internal flow configurations: full aircraft computations, turbomachinery flows, reacting flows, thermo-acoustics, noise, heat transfer... The colloquium, supported by the European Commission, leading aeronautical manufacturers and research groups, aims at providing a review of the potential challenges to be faced in the field of unsteady multiphysics modeling and coupling techniques for LES, URANS, CAA...

The workshop will be held at the International Conference Centre (CIC) of Meteo France

Pictures of the Colloquium.
Courtesy of A. Eyssartier (Cerfacs) and P. Pichard (Meteo France)

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