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Explanations of the restart process :
The dimensions of the grids must be writen explicitly in the namcouple (else the files are not correct)

example toy_eric_pulsation :
model1 sends FSENDOCN to model2 (FRECVATM).
t=0 model2 calls an oasis_get for FRECVATM.
as LAG>0, FRECVATM is read in a restart file. In fact it is the ocean that will read the restart in prism_advance_init called by
oasis_enddef, interpolate it and send it to the atmosphere. The atmosphere will receive it when calling its first oasis_get.

The principle is the same for the exchange from model2 (FSENDATM) to model1 (FRECVOCN).

The LOCTRANS transformation is done on the put side. The accumulated variable, or min or max is store in the restart file (because LAG>0).