Interfacing a component code with OASIS3-MCT

At run-time, OASIS3-MCT performs parallel exchange of coupling data between parallel components and sub-components and allows remapping (interpolation), time integration or accumulation and other transformations of these coupling fields.

This chapter describes how to adapt the component codes to couple them through OASIS3-MCT.

OASIS3-MCT supports coupling exchanges between parallel components and sub-components deployed in diverse configurations; the different possibilities and how to use the OASIS3-MCT library accordingly are described in section [*]. The OASIS3-MCT Application Programming Interface (API) includes different classes of modules or routines that are described in details in section [*]. Finally, in section [*], different coupling algorithms are illustrated and details on how to reproduce them with OASIS3-MCT are provided, together with more information on the LAG and SEQ indices.