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Signification of a LAG :
The value of the LAG index must be expressed in ``number of seconds''; its value is automatically added to the prism_put_proto date value and the sending action
is effectively performed when the sum of the date and the lag matches an integer number of coupling periods. This sending action is automatically matched, on the
 target side, with the receiving action performed when the prism_get_proto date argument equals the same integer number of coupling periods.

When LAG=0 there are no restart files
LAG > 0 there are restart files and the models both call a prism_get_proto before their prism_put_proto.
As the fields have not been calculated by the source model as t=0, the field is read from a restart file.
Note that when there is a lag, the first instance of the source field is missing in the debug file because the first source field is not sent by the source model with
a prism_put_proto but directly read by OASIS3 from the coupling restart file.