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Modules used for the scrip library (in oasis3/lib/scrip/src) :

grids (in grids.f) : contains variables that describe each grid
kinds_mod (in kinds_mod.f) : defines kind parameter for common data types
constants (in constants.f) : defines common constants
iounits (in iounits.f) : keeps track of which units are in use and reserves units for stdin, stdout, and stderr
mod_unit (in mod_unit.F90) : contains unit numbers                                                -----------> defined in oasis3/src
mod_printing (in mod_printing.F90) : contains variables related to printing level in cplout  ----------------> defined in oasis3/src
remap_vars (in remap_vars.f) : contains necessary variables for remapping between two grids.  also routines for resizing and initializing these variables
mod_parameter (in mod_parameter.F90) : contains parameter file for OASIS      -----------> defined in oasis3/src
mod_scrip (in mod_scrip.F90) : contains variables and arrays related to SCRIP remapping
timers (in timers.f) :  uses F90 cpu time routines to allowing setting of multiple CPU timers
remap_conservative (in remap_conserv.F) :  contains necessary routines for computing addresses and weights for a conservative interpolation  between any two  grids on a sphere.  The weights are computed by performing line integrals around all overlap regions of the two grids
remap_distance_weight (in remap_distwgt.F) : contains necessary routines for performing an interpolation using a distance-weighted average of n nearest neighbors
remap_gaussian_weight (in remap_gauswgt.f) : contains necessary routines for performing an interpolation using a distance-gaussian-weighted average of n nearest neighbors
remap_bilinear (in remap_bilinear.f) : contains necessary routines for performing a bilinear interpolation (see also remap_bilinear_reduced)
remap_bicubic (in remap_bicubic.f) : contains necessary routines for performing a bicubic interpolation (see also remap_bicubic_reduced)
remap_write (in remap_write.f) : contains routines for writing the remapping data to a file.  Before writing the data for each mapping, the links are sorted by destination grid address
netcdf_mod (in netcdf.F) : contains the netCDF include file and a netcdf error handling routine