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MPI exchanges between the master process of the Transformer with the other transformer processes

CALL MPI_Send(ila_scc_info, 5, MPI_Integer, PRISMdrv_root + i,  0, MPI_COMM_WORLD, id_err)

CALL MPI_Recv (ila_scc_info, 5, MPI_Integer, PRISMdrv_root, 0, MPI_COMM_WORLD, il_status, id_err)
broadcast the number of exchanges
CALL MPI_Bcast( ila_bcast, 2, MPI_Integer, PRISM_root, comm_drv_local, id_err )
 broadcast the informations on the exchanges and interp
CALL MPI_Bcast( ila_info_exch, ila_info_exch_size*Number_of_Exchanges, MPI_Integer, PRISM_root, comm_drv_local, id_err )

CALL MPI_Bcast( ila_info_interp, 27*Number_of_Interps, MPI_Integer, PRISM_root, comm_drv_local, id_err )

CALL MPI_Bcast( dla_buffer, Number_of_Interps, MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION, PRISM_root, comm_drv_local, id_err )
master PRISM_root receives info from applications that they are in prism_terminate
when all applications are sent this message, master PRISM_root sends