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Types in the Psmile (defined in oasis4/lib/psmile_oa4/src/psmile.F90)

Type Component : to store the definition of the component

Type Method : to store the information on the coordinates of the grids.
There is only one set of corner for one grid (stored in Grids(grid_id) but there can be more than one set of points.

Type GridFunction
to store info on the Fields

Type Userdef : to store infos on the userdef

Type GridConnection
to store info about source and target grid relations

Type Grid : to store the information on the structure of the grids and the corners.

Type IO_data : to store the data about the essential informations to open a file and to write a NetCDF CF file header

Type Taskout_type : to manage and store the data that will be sent to the coupler, or directly to the target model

Type Taskin_type :
to manage and store the data that will be received from the coupler, or directly from the source model

Type Interp_type : derived type for Taskout_type

Type IO_mpp_io : to keep axis and field definitions, used by MPPIO routines

Type Corner_Block : definition of corners.

Type ch_ptr :

Type IO_App_info : for MPP_IO

Type IO_Comp_info : for MPP_IO