Research Interests

Global Change and Climate Modeling Team

European Center for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computing
Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation Avancée en Calcul Scientifique
42, avenue Gaspard Coriolis
Toulouse F-31057 Cedex 1, France
Fax: +3-5-61-19-30-00
E-mail: Eric.Maisonnave at

Climate modeling

  • ECHAM6-(NEMO3.6)-OASIS3-MCT-v3 OCC38-enoshima SINTEX-F3
  • OPA-LIM3-(NEMO3.6)-OASIS3-MCT-v3 OCC37-auguste Concurrent Ocean/Sea ice coupled model
  • NICAM-2013-08(gl09)-NEMO-v3.4(orca025-DRAKKAR)-OASIS3-MCT-v2 OCC35-gosho Icosahedral/ORCA grids model
  • COSMO-CLM-v13-CLM(CESM-v4)-OASIS3-MCT-v1 OCC33-eiger 7km resolution Regional Land/Atmosphere Coupled model
  • ARPEGE-v5.4(t127, stretched, Baffin Bay centered)-ERNA-v3.4(orca05-AGRIF-North Atlantic zoom)-OASIS3 OCC32-toulinguet CGCM with ocean zoom
  • ARPEGE-v5.3(t359)-NEMO-v3.4(orca025-DRAKKAR)-OASIS3-MCT-v1 OCC31-spruce HR Seasonal Forecast Model
  • COSMO-CLM-v11-ECHAM-v6-MPI-OM-OASIS3-MCT-v1 OCC30-spreevald Two ways nesting Regional/Global Atmosphere Model
  • WRF-v3.3.1-OASIS3-MCT-v1-NEMO(orca12,Tropical_Channel)-v3.4 OCC29-moucherotte Tropical Channel HR Ocean/Atmosphere Coupled model
  • COSMO-CLM-v11-CLM(CESM-v4)-OASIS-v3 OCC28-adlisberg Regional Land/Atmosphere Coupled model
  • COSMO-CLM-v11-CLM-v3.5-OASIS-v4 OCC27-uetliberg Regional Land/Atmosphere Coupled model
  • ARPEGE-v5(t63-t359)-NEMO-v3.2(orca2-orca025)-OASIS(v3/v4) OCC26-corse Mixed Layer Coupled model
  • ECHAM-v5(t63-t106-t319)-NEMO-v3.2(orca2-orca05-orca025) OCC25-neuwerk Coupled model with AGRIF zoom off Peru coast
  • ARPEGE-v4(t359)-NEMO(MERCATOR-orca025) OCC24-samothrace Ultra High Resolution Coupled Model: Atlas
  • ARPEGE-v5(t127)-NEMO(orca1) OCC23-IPCC AR5 Coupled Model: Atlas
  • ARPEGE-v4(t63)-NEMO(orca2)-AGRIF Mediterranean Sea OCC22-CICLE Tri Coupled Model
  • ARPEGE-v4(t63)-PANOPAE(NEMO-orca2 mixed layer model) OCC21-IRCAAM Mixed Layer Coupled Model: Atlas
  • ARPEGE(tl159)-NEMO(orca05) OCC20-molène High Resolution Coupled Model: Performances / Atlases
  • ECHAM(t106)-NEMO(orca05_300vl) OCC19-kashima High Resolution Coupled Model: Earth Simulator Implementation
  • ARPEGE(t63)-NEMO(orca2) OCC18-LEGO Grid Compliant Coupled Model: ANR Project LEGO
  • ARPEGE(t63)-NEMO(orca2) OCC17 Dynamite/Ensembles European Projects Coupled Model: Set up / Atlases / CNRM-Cerfacs Joint Meetings
  • ARPEGE(t63)-OPA8(orca2) OCC16 Predicate European Project Coupled Model: Set Up
  • ARPEGE(t63)-OPA8(orca2) OCC15 Demeter European Project Coupled Model: Set Up
  • ARPEGE(t63)-OPA8(orca2) OCC14 Duacs European Project Coupled Model
  • LMDZ(96×71)-NEMO(orca2) IPSLCM4 Coupled Model: Documentation

Grid Computing

  • LEGO ANR Project Leader: component programming, client/server and workflox definition, deployment, resources mapping on Grid'5000 platform

Other Tools

  • Statpack: statistical analysis toolkit
  • Sibylle: Ferret vizualisation toolkit
  • Persona: Netcdf masking tool
  • SAFO: FA to Netcdf Converter
  • vair2cdf: Vairmer to Netcdf Converter