Research scientist at CNRS/Cerfacs


I am a research scientist (CNRS) working at the European Center for Research and advanced Training in Scientific Computation (CERFACS) located in Toulouse, France


I am a climate scientist interested in the role of the ocean in climate variability and predictability on time scales of few seasons to several decades. My initial research interests were focused on better understanding the mechanisms of variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), its preditability and impact on climate. My current research is articulated around the following science questions :

  1. The role of Atlantic ocean decadal variability in the global climate variability
  2. Arctic sea ice predictability and Impact of Arctic sea ice decline on midlatitude weather and climate. 
  3. Air-sea interactions in western boundary current regions


Oct 2015-Present : Research scientist (permanent position) at CNRS, based at CERFACS/CECI, Toulouse, France

2011-2015 : Research scientist at GFDL/NOAA, Princeton, USA

2009-2011 : Postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University's Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Program, Princeton, USA

2005-2008 : PhD student in physical oceanography at LOCEAN/IPSL, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France


H2020 APPLICATE : Advanced Predictions in Polar regions and beyond

H2020 PRIMAVERA: Role of high resolution on representing and predicting climate variability

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Since Oct 2017: Svenya Chripko, PhD student (co supervised by E. Sanchez) working on midlatitude climate response to Arctic sea ice decline

Since Oct 2017: Victor Rousseau, PhD student (co-supervised by E. Sanchez) working on the impact of higher resolution in climate models in representing air-sea interactions in frontal regions

2017 (6 months) : Laurent Bavard, Master 2 student (co supervised by E. Sanchez), worked on the influence of Arctic sea ice decline on oceanic circulation

2017 (6months) : Victor Rousseau, Master 2 student (co supervised by E. Sanchez), worked on air-sea interactions in the Gulf Stream region

2015-2017 : Mitch Bushuk, postdoctoral fellow at AOS Princeton/GFDL, worked on regional predictability of Arctic sea ice

2015 (4 months) : Irene Mavilia, visiting graduate student  (University of Venice) worked on the non stationarity of Atlantic decadal variability

2014-2017 : Yohan Ruprich-Robert, Postdoctoral fellow at AOS Princeton/GFDL, worked on global climate impacts of Atlantic multi-decadal variability

2013-2015 : Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, Postdoctoral fellow (co-supervised by G. Vecchi) at GFDL/UCAR, worked on the variability in the Intra-America Seas

2012 (3 months)  : Nicholas White, Princeton undergratuate student, worked on evaluating the South Atlantic oceanic circulation in high-resolution climate model simulations


2017-2020 : PI of a CNRS LEFE grant (ICARE) on the role of intrinsic oceanic variability on Arctic sea ice variability

2015-2018 : PI of a NOAA grant on Assessing the impact of model formulation and resolution on Arctic sea ice variability and regional predictability

2013-2016 : Co-PI of a NOAA grant on Understanding AMOC Variability mechanisms and their impacts on decadal predictions (collaboration GFDL / NCAR / WHOI)

2012-2016 : Co-PI of a NOAA grant to study the influence of eddies on South Atlantic MOC water mass pathways

2012 : Siebel Energy Challenge Award to support a Princeton undergraduate summer intern

2011 : WCRP Award for Outstanding Scientific Oral Presentation at the World Climate Research Program Open Sciences Conference, Denver, USA

2011 : MPOWIR fellowship to visit JPL NASA

2009-2011 : AOS Postdoctoral Fellowship, Princeton University,

2006 : GEFD Cambridge Summer School Fellowship

2005-2008 : Doctoral fellowship from the French ministry for higher education and Research


Member of the CNRS/INSU scientific council LEFE-IMAGO (since April 2018)

Member of the CNRS/INSU commission on ocean and atmosphere (CSOA) (since May 2017)

Member of the CLIVAR Dynamics Panel (since 2018)

Co-chair of the CLIVAR Decadal Climate Variability Panel (DCVP) (member since 2016)

Member of the scientific steering committee of the WGCM-WGSIP Decadal Climate Prediction Project (DCPP) (since 2016)

Member of the scientific steering committee of the Polar Amplification Model Intercomparison Project (PAMIP) for planning CMIP6 activities (since 2017)

Chair of the US AMOC task team on mechanisms and predictability (2013-2015)

Member of the US AMOC Executive Committee and Science Team (2013-2015)

Member of the U.S. CLIVAR Decadal Predictability Working Group (2011-2015)

Member of the NOAA Climate Prediction Task Force (2013-2015)

Member of the Scientific Organizing Committee of the 2013 US AMOC-UK RAPID Science Meeting

Contributing author to IPCC AR5 (Chapter 9 on Model Evaluation)

Expert Reviewer for IPCC AR5 WG1

Mentor for Mentoring Physical Oceanography Women to Increase Retention (MPOWIR)

Distinguished Lecturer of the Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG)


2013-2014 : Collaboration with a physics high-school teacher at the French-American School of New York to teach Oceanography and Climate Sciences to K12 students. Lecture preparation and participation to classroom lectures

2013: Guest Lecturer at Ecole Polytechnique / University of Cambridge Summer School on Fluid Dynamics of Sustainability and the Environment (FDSE)

2012-2013: Guest Lecturer at Princeton University, "Introductory Physical Oceanography"

2012-2015: Invited lectures for the Association of Women Geoscientists

2009-2012: Volunteer Prison Teaching at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, New Jersey, Algebra courses accredited by Mercer County Community College

2006-2008: Teaching assistant at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. Lectures and GFD lab experiments on the stability of the thermohaline circulation


Published on  November 13th, 2018