How to Report an Issue

  1. First, if you are not registered on the bug tracker server, please do it at

  2. When registered, ask the antares maintainer to be a member of the Antares project.

  3. Submit your issue in the bug tracker.

    Give the version of libraries from your python environment:

    python --version
    python -c 'import antares; print antares.__version__'
    python -c 'import vtk;print vtk.vtkVersion.GetVTKVersion()'
    python -c 'import numpy;print numpy.__version__'
    python -c 'import scipy;print scipy.__version__'

    Virtual environment utilities may help to give the whole list of libraries instead.

    Try to create an isolated and reproducible test case. Share as much information as possible.

    Describe your issue as clearly as possible and include the steps to reproduce the bug.

    • The issue may be rejected if information is missing.

    Write a sample of code that can be used to reproduce the issue
    Give the log and error messages
  4. Choose the appropriate value for the Tracker option following the following advice:

    • You have already used something in older versions, and it does not work anymore? That’s a Bug request.

    • You would like to see/insert/use something new? That’s a Feature request.

    • You don’t know how to do something? You need help? That’s a Support request.

    • You ask for a specific document? That’s a Document request.

    • This is sometimes hard to differentiate between a Bug and a Feature. You think there is no reason why it is not working? Then put a Bug request. However, it may be changed in Feature afterwards.

    • Please open as many issues as you have different items.

    • Do not gather all your issues in one item.

And that’s it!