Some details you have to be aware of

A coupled simulation involve different codes that exchange data in order to improve physical predictions. For aerothermal computations with fluid dynamics, conduction and radiation, the type of exchange data are:

The choice of the boundary condition for conjugate heat transfer have an impact on the stability of the numerical problem. It is then recommanded to:

Thus, you have to choose adequate boundary conditions for AVBP and AVTP. For example: In order to ensure that heat fluxes at the wall are available for coupling, you have to turn on the istoreadd parameter in the run.dat file of AVBP to 3.

When radiation is involved in the coupled problem, the only choice consists in:

Thus, for radiation coupling, there are just two things to be aware of: the boundary condition of the thermal solver AVTP must be as described for the fluid/solid coupling (imposition of a flux like condition), and the the radition model in the input_radiation.dat of AVBP must be 2 (for coupled model).