Frequently Asked Questions

Questions to which the answer is given during the OpenPALM training:

  • How can I change the number of processors allocated to each code?
  • export NBPROC_main_avtp=1
    export NBPROC_main_avbp=62
    mpirun -np 1 ./palm_main : -np $NBPROC_main_avtp ./main_avtp : -np $NBPROC_main_avbp ./main_avbp

  • How can I change the name of the running directories of the solvers?

  • Questions on the AVBP-AVTP-PRISSMA coupling:

  • Why the number of iterations of AVBP and AVTP does not correspond to what is prescribed in the run.dat files?
  • The file coupling.dat (see I/O page) contains, among other informations, the number of meeting points between AVBP and AVTP: lets call it n_cpl. The files input_couple.dat of each solver contains, among other informations, the number of time step between meeting points: lets call them n_avbp for AVBP and n_avtp for AVTP.
    The total number of iterations done by AVBP and AVTP are thus n_cpl*n_avbp and n_cpl*n_avtp respectively. The numbers of iterations provided in the run.dat file are no longer used.