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Box partition

Each partition is a rectangular region of the global domain, described by the global offset of its upper left corner, and its local extents in the X and Y dimensions. The global extent in the X dimension must also be given. In this case, we have ig_paral(1:5):

Figure 4.2 illustrates a Box partition over 3 processes.

Figure 4.2: Box partition. It is assumed here that the index start at 0 in the upper left corner.


... y3
The maximum value of the local extent in y is presently 338; it can be increased by modifying the value of Clim_MaxSegments in oasis3/lib/clim/src/mod_clim.F90 and in oasis3/lib/psmile/src/mod_prism_proto.F90 and by recompiling OASIS3 and the PSMILe library.

Laure Coquart 2013-06-11