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Input data files

Fields with status INPUT in the namcouple will, at runtime, simply be read in from a NetCDF input file by the target model PSMILe below the prism_get_proto call, at appropriate times corresponding to the input period indicated by the user in the namcouple.

The name of the file must be the one given on the field first configuring line in the namcouple (see section 5.3.4). There must be one input file per INPUT field, containing a time sequence of the field in a single or double precision REAL array (depending on PSMILe compilation options), named with the field symbolic name in the namcouple and dimensioned (nx,ny,time) or (nbr_pts,1,time). The time variable as to be an array time(time) expressed in ``seconds since beginning of run''. The ``time'' dimension has to be the unlimited dimension. For a practical example, see the file in oasis3/examples/toyoasis3/data.

Laure Coquart 2013-06-11