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OASIS3 sources

OASIS3 sources, related libraries, and TOYOASIS3 coupled model sources and data are available from CERFACS SVN server. To obtain more detail on how to download the sources, please contact us (see contact details on the back of the cover page).

OASIS3 directory structure is the following one:

 - oasis3/src             OASIS3 main code
 - oasis3/lib/anaisg      GAUSSIAN interpolation library
             /anaism      SURFMESH interpolation library
             /clim        CLIM/MPI1-MPI2 communication library
             /fscint      INTERP interpolation library  
             /mpp_io      I/O library
             /NAG_dummies Dummy library for NAG compiler
             /psmile      PRISM System Model Interface Library
             /scrip       SCRIPR interpolation library
 - oasis3/doc             OASIS3 documentation
 - oasis3/util/make_dir   Utilities to compile OASIS3 (see section 8.1) 

 - oasis3/examples/toyoasis3  environment to run the TOYOASIS3 toymodel
                              (see section 8.3)
                  /testinterp environment to test few predefined OASIS3
                              interpolations (see section 8.4.1)
                  /testNONE   environment to evaluate the quality of 
                              one's interpolation (see section 8.4.2)   
                  /toysimple  environment to test a ping pong exchange
                              between two coupled models
                  /tutorial   training to learn how to use OASIS3 step 
                              by step by interfacing the two toy models
                              with the Psmile library.

Laure Coquart 2013-06-11