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Auxiliary data files for FILLING

For the FILLING analysis, the global data set used can be either interannual monthly, climatological monthly or yearly (see 6.4). The name of the global data file can be chosen by the user and has to be indicated in the namcouple have to be given to OASIS through the input file namcouple. In case of monthly data, the file must be written in the following way:

      REAL field_january_year_01(jpi, jpj)
      WRITE(NLU_fil) field_january_year_01
      WRITE(NLU_fil) field_february_year_01
      WRITE(NLU_fil) field_march_year_01
      WRITE(NLU_fil) field_december_year_01
C if climatology, one stops here
      WRITE(NLU_fil) field_january_year_02


Note that the first month needs not to be January. This is the only file within OASIS in which the fields are not read using a locator.

Laure Coquart 2013-06-11