Software description

PRISSMA is a Radiative Transfert Equation (RTE) solver based on the Discrete Ordinates Method for unstructured hybrid meshes. The solver is able to treat industrial geometries (with a high number of cells > 1 milions) and uses different spectral models : simple gray gas, WSGG, FS-SNBcK and SNBcK.

The last SVN release of the software contains three main elements:

  1. The parallel code: is the solver to be used on parallel multi-procesor architectures.
  2. The TOOLS: is a set of fortran programs, used to preprocess data for the main code and postprocess and interpret the outcoming results.


Main code authors:

  • Amaya Jorge : BETA Versions, PRISSMA V0.3.2
  • Developpement of the first version of PRISSMA and the preprocessing tools, MPI parallelism over directions, Coupling with PALM.
  • Poitou Damien : BETA Versions, PRISSMA V0.3.2, PRISSMA V1.0, PRISSMA V1.2, PRISSMA V2.0
  • Co-developpement of the first version. Code optimisations for memory usage and CPU time. Global spectral models (FSK, FSCK, Tabulation), Parallel calculation : MPI over spectra, OpenMP over direction, MPI with subdomains.


  • Cuenot Benedicte : scientific advisor
  • El Hafi Mouna : scientific advisor
  • Joseph David : discrete ordinate method, spatial scheme, narrow band models
  • Gaborit Paul : technical advisor


  • Loubignac Eric : website template and automatic test cases
  • Pedot Thomas : postprocessing tools and website