Selime Gürol

              Senior Researcher
              ALGO Team
              42 Avenue Gaspard Coriolis
              31057 Toulouse CEDEX 1

              Phone: +33 0 5 61 19 30 96
              Fax: +33 0 5 61 19 30 00

Brief Biography

I received my B.S. degree in Mathematics from Ankara University in 1999 and M.S. degree in Scientific Computing from the Institute of Applied Mathematics at Middle East Technical University in 2003. I received graduate certificate in space studies from University of South Australia in 2004. I worked as a researcher in TÜBİTAK Space Technologies Research Institute for 4 years. I had my PhD at CERFACS on solving regularized nonlinear least-squares problem in dual space (with application to variational data assimilation). After doing my post-doc at ECMWF, I continue my research in the ALGO team of CERFACS from 2014. 

Research Interests

·                Large-scale optimization

·                Saddle point systems

·                Least-squares problems

·                Preconditioning

·                Data Assimilation

·                Remote Sensing


Curriculum Vitae