3 The remapping (or interpolation or regridding)


See also http://climate.lanl.gov/Software/SCRIP/ and the copyright statement in appendix 1.3.3.
Thanks to some preliminary work, few bugs were fixed in the SCRIP library, in particular in the bounding box definition of the grid cells. This solves an important bug observed in the Pacific near the equator for the bilinear and bicubic interpolations for Cartesian grids. However, given these modifications, one cannot expect to get exactly the same results for the interpolation weight-and-adress remapping files with this new parallel SCRIP version as compared to the previous SCRIP version in OASIS3-MCT_3.0. We checked in many different cases that the interpolation error is smaller or of the same order than before. We also observed that the parallelisation does not ensure bit reproducible results when varying the number of processes or threads.
... allowed11
The only exceptions are for Gaussian Reduced (D) grids for ( BILINEAR and BICUBIC; in that case, if the Gaussian-reduced grid is stored from North to South the number of bins is the number of latitude circles of the grid (minus one, to be precise), independently of $NBIN; for Gaussian-reduced grid stored from South to North to South, the bin definition will not work and the interpolation will become a 4 distance-weighted nearest-neighbour for all target points.