Example of applications

D. Cariolle et al. 2008

Atmospheric chemistry data assimilation (ADOMOCA project). Example of increment in the data assimilation process
Reference: pdf

S. Ricci et al. 2011

Towards real-time flood forecasting in hydraulics: merits of in situ discharge and water level data assimilation for the modeling of the Marne catchment in France.
Code used: MASCARET
Reference: pdf

E. Harader et al. 2011

Correcting the radar rainfall forcing of a hydrologic model with data assimilation: application to flood forecasting in the Lez Catchment in Southern France.
Code used: MERCEDES platform of the ATHYS hydrological software
Reference: pdf

A. Dauptain et al. 2007

Fluid structure interaction applied to the bio-fluid-dynamics in ciliated propulsion.
Code used: NTMIX, OpenFOAM, FEAPpv
Credit: FLUBIO
Reference: pdf

F. Duchaine et al. 2008

Conjugate heat transfer in the T120D blade (European Project AITEB2). Fluid and wall temperature.
Code used: AVBP, AVTP
Credit: Cerfacs, Turbomeca
Reference: pdf

D. Poitou et al. 2010

Couple turbulent combustion Large Eddy Simulation and radiative heat transfer of a laboratory configuration.
Code used: AVBP, PRISSMA
Credit: Cerfacs
Reference: pdf

Wang et al. 2014

Flow past a rotation cylinder at Reynolds number 200 and rotation rate 3.5. Iso-contours of vorticity obtained with the coupling method (a) and from Mitall et al. J. Fluid Mech. (b), time evolution of the simulation (c).
Code used: AVBP
Credit: Cerfacs
Reference: Web (JCP)

Bonhomme et al. 2013

Flow field in a fan-stirred combustion bomb.
Code used: AVBP
Credit: Cerfacs, IMFT
Reference: Web (C. & F.)

Duchaine et al. 2013

Conjugate heat transfer in a higly loaded low pressure turbine blade (European Project AITEB2).
Code used: AVBP, AVTP, YALES2
Credit: Cerfacs, CORIA
Reference: Web (J. of Turbomach.)

Papadogiannis et al. 2015

Large Eddy Simulation in the high pressure turbine MT1.
Code used: AVBP
Credit: Cerfacs, Sherbrooke
Reference: Web (J. of EGTP)

Richard et al. 2011

Effect of the Fluid Structure Interaction on the Aeroacoustic Instabilities of Solid Rocket Motors.
Code used: AVBP, MARC
Credit: Cerfacs, Herackles
Reference: pdf

Duchaine et al. 2011

Multiobjective shape optimization of a combustion chamber.
Code used: N3S-Natur
Credit: Cerfacs, Turbomeca
Reference: pdf

Example of coupled codes with OpenPALM
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