1D Flame

Freely propagating premixed flame

This tutorial will walk you through the computation of a methane-air freely-propagating premixed laminar 1D flame, at stoichiometry and under atmospheric conditions. See the plot of temperature and velocity through this flame. The final adiabatic temperature reached under those conditions is 2212 K.

See also a temperature comparison with the same flame computed with the CHEMKIN-II program PREMIX. The results agree quite well, on other quantities too, but it is important to note that it took about 10 runs to obtain the PREMIX solution... Furthermore, the simulation first ran on a smaller subset of species, before it could converge on the real GRIMECH 3.0 scheme !

The script used in this tutorial can be found here; and as can be seen, it is easily altered for other fuels or operating points. It is also straightforward to continue the computation if convergence is not reached or if different transport models need to be considered, for example. The saving format can also be adapted.

See also the tutorials from the CERFACS' Cantera formation.