Greetings !

This website is hosted by CERFACS, and is primarily intended as a chemistry platform for numerical combustionists. The main featured "tool" is the chemistry solver Cantera, an open source software that CERFACS has adapted to its specific needs.

A new version of the website is available at . The new website is still work in progress for Solvers documentation but up to date for the mechanism library and Cantera installation !

Whether you belong to the CERFACS family or not, through this website, you will have access to:

  • General information about the software Cantera. Check-out the 'About Cantera' section of this website for useful documentation, including a very exhaustive Cantera handbook (from the CERFACS's Cantera formation offered every year !), and a list of "official" web resources. The specificities of the CERFACS Cantera version are also briefly recalled.
  • The CERFACS version of Cantera. You will be able to directly download the sources, and install them on your own computer. Alternatively, if you are a CERFACS member, you can simply use a pre-compiled version of the software. In any case, check-out the 'Installation' page for more information. Also, don't forget to regularly consult the 'Updates' section, to keep informed about the latest developments in the CERFACS version of the code !
  • Very generic scripts, in the 'Tutorial' section (equilibrium, simple batch reactor, premixed flame)
  • A collection of kinetic mechanisms: detailed, skeletal, global ... for a wide range of hydrocarbons, in the Cantera format. These are compiled from the available literature (with detailed references) and, most of the time, accompanied by Cantera formatted equilibrium and/or premixed flame solutions (xml or csv files). Also available are analytically reduced mechanisms, or ARC, derived at CERFACS with the tool YARC. Check-out the 'Mechanisms' section.
  • A complete access to the 'Online Database', containing all files presented on this website and more (documents, scripts, kinetic mechanisms in several format, solution files ...)

If you are a member of CERFACS, note that additional sections are open to you:

  • A work-in-progress 'AVBP' section, protected by a password, where many useful chemistry-related aspects of the LES software are discussed. In particular, find information about chemistry related tools, get familiar with ARC in AVBP with a dedicated 1D flame tutorial reviewing all the specific ARC-related steps (specific keywords in the run.params, parameters for the DTFLES model, post-procs etc.). General information about the LES code AVBP can be found on the dedicated AVBP website.
  • A section dedicated to YARC, the multi-step reduction tool developed by Prof. Pepiot. Find instructions to install YARC on your computer, as well as a tutorial to get started. This section is also protected by a password. CERFACS is not the owner of YARC !! For more information about YARC, consult the doctoral thesis of P. Pepiot, as well as that of A. Felden.

Please, report all comments, inquiries, bugs, etc. by e mail :