IFP fuel combustion

Here are the mechanisms which will be detailed in the following section :

They are sorted in decending order of complexity.

You can find the datas provied on this page on the local directory :


Anderlhor's mechanism

This mechanism is a very detailed scheme of IFP fuel model combustion since it includes no less than 3000 reactions and 536 species. It is able to model any mixture of Iso-octane, n-Heptane or toluene (and thus IFP fuel) depending on the initial composition chosen.

More information can be found in this paper.

  • Reactor
  • You can find the following script to compute several Perfectly Stirred Reactors in a raw. It can be carried out for Constant Pressure* (or Volume) reactors in the range of temperature [(600,1500)K] and pressure [(1,41)bar]. All parameters have to be changed directly in the script.

    * If you're computing Constant Pressure reactors, you'll need to download this other .cti file.

  • 1D freely-propagating premixed flame
  • No flame calculation has been performed on this huge mechanism, we'll raher use the following reduced mechanism.

2S_C8H18 mechanism

This reduced scheme uses 6 species and 2 reactions only (C8H18 oxidation and CO-CO2 equilibrium). Then, this model is way faster than the previous one to compute.

It shows good results for the following range of conditions : [(300,900)K], [(1,40)bar] and for stoichiometric combustion.

  • 1D freely-propagating premixed flame
  • In order to compute this mechanism with the AVBP transport model you'll need the input files (.dat) from this current directory (the input_species, input_thermo and input_premix files are available).

    8 solution files are also available in the directory above for diferent conditions in the range of possible pressure and temperature.