Pyrolysis gases combustion

You can find the datas provied on this page on the local directory :


MR's mechanism

This mechanism is based on the 2-Step BFER's methane combustion scheme. The .cti file can be download here (it is pretty much the same as the BFER's mechanism file, only two coefficients are changed). It is not a proper pyrolysis mechanism (a reaction without oxygen) but the combustion of pyrolysis gases with air. The .cti file above is only used in an other script to create this pyrolysis gas mixture which composition is the following :

CO2 (64%), CO (17.1%), CH4 (10%) and H2O (8.9%).

  • 1D freely-propagating premixed flame
  • Here are the solution and data files for premixed pyrolysis gases/air flame, at the equivalence ratio of 1.
    The initial mixture is at 300K and 1 bar.