Hydrogen/oxygen combustion

Boivin's mechanism

This mechanism is the same as Boivin's mechanism for hydrogen/air combustion, except for the fact that no N2 is involved. The original 12-steps remain, but only 8 species are considered. The .cti file is available here.

  • 1D freely-propagating premixed flame
  • In order to compute this mechanism with the AVBP transport model you'll need the following input files (.dat) :

    A Cantera script (Version 2.1) is also provided to run a series of premixed flame (report issues to potier@cerfacs.fr).

    Then, 6 solution files (.csv) for an equivalence ratio of 1 and for different operating pressures and temperatures can be found in the following directory. Note that these files can be employed as inputs for the AVBP tool can2av.