Code updates and short working notes

Check this page on a regular basis to obtain information about the new functionalities implemented in the current Cerfacs version of Cantera. Major updates come with a short note explaining how to use the new features.

These updates affect the version 2.3 available on the CERFACS GitLab NITROX, as this is the version under development !!

Quick history

Note: Detailed information can be found on the message accompanying the commits, in the CERFACS GitLab NITROX.

Mar 2018:

  • Implementation of a "dynamic" custom kinetics: it is now possible to use analytically reduced chemistry without recompiling Cantera. All you need is a dynamic library generated from a formated kinetic subroutine and a mechanism file with the proper kinetic flag. More information on this short note.

Jan 2018:

  • Implementation of the AVBP transport for global chemistries. An AVBP-formatted mixture_database.dat file should be present in your working directory. Alternatively, old AVBP V6X input files input_thermo.dat and input_premix.dat can also be used. More information on this short note.

Aug 2017:

  • A series of analytically reduced chemistries (ARC), either developped in the team (with YARC) or not (T. Lu mechanisms for methane), are directly included in the Cantera sources and accessible via their own kinetic keyword. The list of available ARC, along with their kinetic keyword, can be found on this short note. These mechanisms are either very renowned or available in the steady AVBP release. In particular, ARCs also available in AVBP have exactly the same nomenclature and are equivalent.

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