Methane/oxygen combustion

Here are the mechanisms which will be detailed in the following section :

They are sorted in decending order of complexity.

You can find the datas provied on this page on the online database.

Gri 3.0 mechanism

The scheme is the same as the one used in the methane-air combustion (same operating conditions range, same species, reactions...). But this time, the flame is computed in only oxygen mixture (you must change the premixed gas composition in the script you're using to reduce N2 mass fraction to 0).

Fassoldati's mechanism

This simplified scheme accounts 6 reactions in which 10 species are involved. More information can be found in Frassoldati's paper.

  • 1D freely-propagating premixed flame
  • The scipt to compute 1D flame with Frassoldati's scheme is provided in this directory along a data file computed at 300K, 1 bar and phi=1.0 (! The script is written in the old python/cantera language, but translation is easy.)