Application Programming Interface

For a didactic introduction to the API objects, please visit the API tutorial pages.

The API of antares relies on a hierarchical data structure. Let’s see the ABC.

Antares Basic Classes

The root node of this four-level hierarchical structure is an instance of the Base class. The child nodes of the root node are instances of the Zone class. An instance of the Base class (named a Base in the following) is essentially a container of Zone instances. Each Zone is basically a collection of Instant instances. Each Instant is a container of variables.

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Base Zone Instant variables

Antares Topological Classes

Antares I/O Classes

Available Formats:

Antares Treatment Classes

Antares Helper Functions and Utilities

Progress Bar

A progress bar is available in some functions, methods, and treatments. It relies on the package tqdm_. If this package is not available, then you recover the old Antares 1.8.2 progress bar.