Application Programming Interface

For a didactic introduction to the API objects, please visit the API tutorial pages.

The API of antares relies on a hierarchical data structure. Let’s see the ABC.

Antares Basic Classes

The root node of this four-level hierarchical structure is an instance of the Base class. The child nodes of the root node are instances of the Zone class. An instance of the Base class (named a Base in the following) is essentially a container of Zone instances. Each Zone is basically a collection of Instant instances. Each Instant is a container of variables.

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Base Zone Instant variables

Antares Topological Classes

Antares I/O Classes

Available Formats:

Antares Treatment Classes

Antares Helper Functions and Utilities

Progress Bar

A progress bar is available in some functions, methods, and treatments. It relies on the package tqdm. If this package is not available, then you recover the old Antares 1.8.2 progress bar.


Set the progress bar status (on/off).


value (bool) – status of the progress bar


Disable the progress bar status.