Leading Edge / Trailing Edge computation

Treatment Leading Edge / Trailing Edge computation

Input Parameters

The following keys can be set:

  • base – (type = Base ) – The base on which the treatment will be applied

  • coordinates – (default = [‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’], type = list(str) ) – The ordered names of the mesh coordinates

  • deviation – (default = None, type = float ) – Deviation of the row in which the treated blade is located.

  • height_value – (default = 0.0005, type = float ) – Distance in metre from tip and root at which to start extracting the points for LE and TE (in reduced height coordinate)


Surface base expected. A complete reduced coordinate parametrization must have been applied on the blade beforehand.

Main functions

class antares.treatment.turbomachine.TreatmentLETE.TreatmentLETE