Release Notes

# Antares changelog, based on

## [2.2.0] - 2024-04-15

### Added - Reader Ensight: read zone names. - Reader bin_vtk: read tensor variables. - Reader hdf_cgns: add base_subregion keyword. - Reader hdf_avbp: read AVBP isosurfaces. - Reader hdf_labs: read variables at cell. - Reader hdf_cngs: Add support for CGNS4 files - Reader pycgns: Add support for CGNS4 files - Treatment ExtractBounds: add support for polyhedral and polygonal bases. - Treatment FWH: show an estimation of the remaining time. - Treatment translation: New treatment added to translate bases. - Treatment scaling: New treatment added to scale bases. - Treatment rotation: New treatment added to rotate bases. - Treatment spectgram: New treatment to compute a spectrogram. - Treatment DFT: accept ‘re/im’ and ‘phi/mod’ as type.

### Changed - Treatment UnwrapProfil: Improve polyline algorithm performance.

### Fixed - Reader hdf_labs: correctly identify zones when they contain underscore in their names. - Reader hdf_antares: store zone shared variables. - Reader hdf_cgns: do not read variables that don’t have data. - Reader prf: Strip trailing newline character from instant names. - Treatment gradient: Add container variables when their name is longer than 1 char.

## [2.1.0] - 2023-10-15

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘modify_surface’ keyword.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘volume_base’, ‘volume_meshfile’, and ‘volume_datafile’ keywords.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘modify_volume’ keyword.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘pressure_variable’, ‘velocity_variables’, ‘density_variable’ keywords.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘pressure_equation’, ‘density_equation’, ‘velocity_equations’ keywords.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘quadrupole_term’ keyword.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘eddy_convective_velocity’ keyword.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘derivative_order’ keyword.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘verbose’ keyword.

  • UtilsFWH: Added extract_converged_signal method.

  • UtilsFWH: Added find_periodicity method.

  • UtilsFWH: Added add_fwh_results method.

  • HDF_Antares: Write and read base attributes.

  • TreatmentFWH: Treatment information written in output.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘start_propagation_at’ keyword.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘end_propagation_at’ keyword.

  • TreatmentFWH: Added ‘initial_time’ keyword.

  • ProLB: Reader compatible with version 3.

  • EquationManager: Add support for scientific notation.

  • ParallelController: The environment variable ANTARES_NO_MPI controls if mpi4py is loaded.

### Changed

  • TreatmentFWH: Removed ‘LABSCleaning’ keyword.

  • Refactor the unit test of TreatmentTurboGlobalPerfo.

### Fixed

  • Fix Isentropic Mach number in avbp equations.

  • Fix unpack function to get writeable arrays.

  • Fix time attribute in FWH treatment.

  • Fix duplicated variables from shared instant in node_to_cell process.

  • Improve FWH documentation.

  • Fix the surface weighted average in the treatment thermo1.

  • Fix SPL and PWL equations in AcousticPower treatment.

  • Fix compatibility with new cgnslib.

  • Fix type cast problem in utils/geomcut/

  • Fix do not read zones with no name in ReaderPyCGNS.

## [2.0.0] - 2023-04-15

### Added

  • MultiThreaded Treatment Ccut

  • Spectral Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

  • Impose double precision data type for VTK points in clip and cut treatments

  • Enable tuple of 3 floats for line_points in treatment cut

  • Add an early logger to check module load errors

  • New option to read HDF CGNS file in parallel as if it was serial

  • Treatment Isosurface: output polygons when using polyhedral meshes. Option for triangles.

  • Reader HDF5-CGNS: accept multiple NGON Elements_t nodes.

  • Reader HDF5-LABS: read files with surface forces

  • Read node DonorPatch/PointRangeDonor for GridConnectivity_t in reader HDF5-CGNS

### Changed

  • Remove module initializers for python 2

  • Remove try/except for python2/3 compatibility

  • Remove import occurrences of module future

  • Remove occurrences of the module __future__

  • Stop printing the antares header by default

  • Output probe positions in the treatment PointProbe

  • Writer ASCII tecplot: output all element types of one zone in a single file

  • UserInterface class derives from UserDict.

  • Base Class derives from IndexedUserDict class.

  • Datasets Class derives from IndexedUserDict class.

  • Instant Class derives from UserDict class.

  • CustomDict Class derives from IndexedUserDict class.

  • Family Class derives from IndexedUserDict class.

### Fixed

  • Fix VTK operations on 2D unstructured grids with VTK>=9

  • Fix azimuthal average for a case with a y-rotation axis

  • Impose 64 bits integers in face2elt_connectivity

  • Impose 64 bits integers in reader pycgns

  • TreatmentCut: recover polyline behavior as spline behavior

  • TreatmentCell2Node: delete temporary variable for hybrid grids

  • Fix sorted list of families in get_family

  • Fix get_location when only cell variables in instants

  • Fix slicing of shared variables when only shared instants

  • Fix writer HDF5-CGNS for unstructured mesh with only variables located at cell centers

  • Fix fortran vs C based indexing in readers pyCGNS and HDF5-CGNS

  • Fix names of gradient variables when using vtk.

  • Deactivate slicing check in reader pyCGNS.

## [1.20.0] - 2022-10-15

### Added

  • TreatmentFWH: rotating surfaces

  • TreatmentBoundaryNormal: compute the outward normal vector on the boundary conditions of 3D configurations

  • WriterHdfCgns: write face-based connectivity

  • ReaderBinaryFluent: read single-precision field data

  • Treatment CellNormal compatible with face-based connectivity and polygons

  • Treatment Cell2Node: compatible with face-based connectivity and polygons and polyhedra

  • Treatment Merge: compatible with face-based connectivity and polygons and polyhedra

  • Method node_to_cell compatible with face-based connectivity, and polygons and polyhedra

  • ReaderPyCgns/ReaderHdfCgns: read BC with face-based connectivity and store face-based connectivity

  • ReaderPyCgns: read BC with face-based connectivity and store vertex-based connectivity

  • TreatmentMisOnBlade: parallel version

  • TreatmentUnwrapline: use in parallel environment

  • Reader CSV: compliant with cantera format

  • TreatmentSpanWiseAverage

  • ReaderHdfAntares: add new ‘format’ key to select the antares HDF5 format ‘2015’ or ‘2022’

  • WriterHdfAntares: add new ‘format’ key to select the antares HDF5 format ‘2015’ or ‘2022’

  • Improve equations for AVBP computations

  • File Cache System

### Changed

  • ReaderHdfCgns: read boundary conditions with face-based connectivity

  • Treatment Merge: the input base is now unchanged if nothing has to be done

  • Refactoring of the PRF reader

### Fixed

  • Set omega and pitch as constants in all Thermo Treatments

  • Fix the Q-criterion formula in the treatment gradient

## [1.19.0] - 2022-04-15

### Added

  • TreatmentMeridionalView: option to activate LE/TE detection

  • TreatmentAzimuthalAverage: azimuthal average with multiple processes

  • TreatmentWakeAcoustics: new option to choose a variable to detect the wake

  • TreatmentCellNormal: compute the normal vectors of 1D or 2D mesh elements

  • TreatmentBl enabled on Windows platforms

  • TreatmentGradient: Lambda_2 and Lambda_ci criteria computation

  • Writer HDF-CGNS: write surface elements for unstructured grids. Fix for family

  • Reader HDF-CGNS: read abutting 1-to-1 connectivity for unstructured grids

  • Reader HDF-CGNS: read element-based connectivity of segments for unstructured grids

  • TreatmentMerge: remove degenerated segments if duplicated points are removed

  • Python 3 support for extension library ngon

  • Reader HDF AVBP: option to read given groups or variables

  • Writer HDF AVBP: option to write variables in given groups

  • Support VTK>=9 for unstructured grids

  • Reader PyCGNS: read unstructured grids with face-based connectivities

  • TreatmentThermo7/TreatmentThermo7TimeAverage: new key to introduce absolute velocity formulation

  • TreatmentPSD: add new ‘window’ key to set the window function

  • TreatmentPSD: add new ‘scale_by_freq’ key to set if PSD should be scaled by the sampling frequency

  • TreatmentPSD: add unit test

  • TreatmentPSD: Improve documentation

### Changed


  • Reader Binary Fluent: improve CPU performance

  • TreatmentCut: directly return the cutter output for the type polyline

  • Reader Tecplot Binary: remove option use_ztitles. Always set the zone names from the tecplot zone titles

  • Reader HDF Labs: allow moving surface

  • do not use the treatment merge inside HDF AVBP writer anymore

  • Axis parameter format from str to list of vector components for cylinder/cone cut/clip

### Fixed

  • Reader HDF-CGNS: fix array shape for unstructured grid

  • Fix Base rename_zones method to handle families of type Zone

  • TreatmentDuplication: fix donor boundary name for 1-to-1 abutting connectivity

  • Writer HDF-CGNS: check the validity of family name

  • remove useless boundary condition made of interior faces in ReaderBinaryFluent

  • Fix the construction of element-based hexahedra from the face-based connectivity

  • Set the data type in numpy arange in function face2elt_connectivity (python 3 on windows platform)

  • TreatmentCut: Fix empty structure in get_vtk_surface for polyline/spline due to vtkProbeFilter

  • Fix integer division for python 3 in treatment unwrapline

## [1.18.0] - 2021-10-15

### Added

  • Reader HDF Labs: lazy loading

  • TreatmentPODtoTemporal: reconstruct time signals from POD modes

  • TreatmentCut: add resolution key for type=spline

  • Pass options with kwargs in reader, writer, and treatment constructors

  • ReaderHdfCgns: read ZoneIterativeData_t, modify reading of BaseIterativeData_t

  • Refactoring of Treatments Creation: create factory instead of proxy

### Changed

  • TreatmentMerge: enable when instants contains different numbers of variables

  • Replace the implementation of base.cell_to_node with the treatment TreatmentCell2Node

  • TreatmentPOD: add the parameter ‘variables’

  • TreatmentThermoLES: add the gyration angle

### Fixed

  • TreatmentClip: fix for multiple instants

  • TreatmentCut: fix for revolution type

  • TreatmentMerge: fix duplicate detection when only shared variables

  • TreatmentMerge: fix location of variables

  • TreatmentGradient: fix indentations for the divergence operator

  • WriterHdfCgns: fix attributes with float, integer types

  • computer: fix when formula include variables from standard instant and shared instant

## [1.17.0] - 2021-04-15

### Added

### Changed

  • TreatmentClip: type=revolution does not compute the cylindrical coordinates anymore

  • TreatmentPointProbe: enable unstructured grids and many points in one zone

  • Unify documentation and web site content

### Fixed

  • Writer HDF CGNS: write base attributes with the correct type

  • Reader HDF CGNS: Read UserDefinedData_t nodes under the CGNSBase_t node

  • Flip boundary data during family slicing

  • Method stats of Base to handle correctly variables located at cells

  • Mesh orientation in case of a degenerated axis

  • Mesh orientation in case of a degenerated axis

  • TreatmentCell2Node: fix for unstructured grids

  • Skip Dataset attributes that cannot be deepcopied

  • Reader HDF antares: h5py attribute types change in version > 3

## [1.16.0] - 2020-10-15

### Added

  • Reader HDF CGNS: read Zone SubRegions

  • Treatment PointProbe

  • Base: method to rename zones

  • Reader VTK: structured grid with ‘.vts’ extension

  • Equations for AVBP simulations (thermodynamic tables)

  • TreatmentMisOnBlade: compute the isentropic Mach number on a blade surface

  • TreatmentLES: thermodynamic average for LES computations

  • TreatmentThermo1D: radial profile of thermodynamic averages

  • TreatmentUnwrapBlade: unwrapping of blade surface on a plane

  • TreatmentUnwrapProfil: unwrapping of blade profile on a line

  • TreatmentPlotContouring: plot contour graph

### Changed

  • Reader HDF Antares: improve CPU performance for large data

  • Reader HDF CGNS: remove key change_topo_name

  • Treatment Cell2node: specific processing of surface and normal vectors

  • Writer Binary Tecplot: dump base with zones that do not contain the same variables

  • TreatmentUnwrapline: enable many closed curves.

  • TreatmentAcut: simplify the User Interface when reusing previous cutters

  • TreatmentUnstructure: set the connectivity to respect the orientation of normals given by the structured mesh

  • Reader Tecplot Binary: option use_ztitles to set the zone names from the tecplot zone titles

### Fixed

  • Flip data of boundaries when slicing a structured base with a family.

  • Ensure that the equation computing system complies with the lazy loading.

  • Deepcopy in method set_coordinate_names of Base class.

  • Deepcopy of Base object.

  • Deserialization of Boundary object.

  • Reader bin_fvuns: fix settings of boundary conditions in the fieldview reader to comply with the current architecture

  • Treatment Acut: fix for shared coordinates

  • Reader hdf_antares: fix python 2/3 bytes/str for element names and location names

## [1.15.0] - 2020-04-15

### Added

  • Reader VTK (vtu and tensors)

  • Reader Fluent (case and dat files)

  • Treatment Meridional Line

  • Treatment Meridional View

  • Treatment Thermo Geom (geometrical computation of treatment Thermo7)

  • Reader VTK binary: accept multi-element for unstructured grids

  • ReaderHdfCgns: add an option to follow links in a HDF5 CGNS file

  • Writer PLY

### Changed

  • Refactoring of treatment hH (extract meridional line and view)

  • Refactoring of treatment Thermo7 (extract geometrical computation)

### Fixed

  • Treatment Cut: create a shared instant in the output base if the input base contains a shared instant

  • Treatment Merge: attributes of the input zones/instants are cleared.

  • Reader Tecplot Binary: option ‘shared_mesh’ does not work with <instant> tag and 2D

  • Treatment Duplication and Families when Zone attributes ‘nb_duplication’ are different

  • Reader PyCGNS: fix slicing of Boundary object

## [1.14.0] - 2019-10-15

### Added

  • Treatment Radial Modes

  • Treatment Azimuthal Modes

  • Treatment Acoustic Power

  • Coprocessing option in treatment h/H

  • Read velocity RMS components in format hdf labs

  • Coordinate accepted as isovariable in Treatment Isosurface

  • Polyhedral elements

  • Polyline cut with VTK Treatment Cut

  • Option to read specific FlowSolution_t data structures in ReaderHdfCgns

  • Examples for TreatmentAcut

  • Utility method to reorient boundary data coming from files to base extracted from boundaries

  • Reorient faces when extracting boundaries on structured meshes

### Changed

  • Treatment DMD 1D with complex outputs

  • Refactoring of

  • Refactoring of CustomDict and AttrsManagement

  • Remove non standard help mecanism

  • Refactoring to use the logging module consistently

  • ReaderPrf: accept headers with ## (third-party code version > 2.5)

  • Accept many instances of readers and writers

  • Messages handled by the logging module

### Fixed

  • Fix attribute reading in reader hdf cgns

  • Fix writer hdf cgns so as not to modify the input base

  • Fix parameters section in writer hdf avbp

  • Rotate vectors directly in TreatmentChoroReconstruct

  • Compute_coordinate_system: check that coordinate names are in the shared instant

  • Write_zone unstructured in Writer HDF CGNS

  • Reader HDF LaBS for python 3 and using tag <zone>

  • Add writers avbp, gmsh, and ansys in documentation

## [1.13.0] - 2019-04-15

### Added

  • Add unittest for BL with result checks

  • Parallelism with MPI

  • Option to not process boundary condition in Treatment Unstructure

  • Enable to give primitive variable names in treatment BL

  • Number of points in the boundary layer in surface output file in treatment BL

  • Check valid profiles before writing files in treatment BL

  • Add family name in BC when reading AVBP files

  • Replace index by family names in zone names of output bases from treatment BL

  • Accept list for families option in treatment BL (marker automatically assigned)

  • Criteria on isentropic Mach number in Treatment Boundary Layer

  • Treatment for reading Jaguar solution

  • Treatment Unstructure (used for base.unstructure())

  • Treatment Dmdtotemporal (Temporal Reconstruction from Dynamic Mode Decomposition)

  • *.vtp’ (XML PolyData) VTK reader

  • Function delete_variables in Base

### Changed

  • Multizone Treatment BL

  • Add special vtk2instant for tetrahedral elements only (better CPU performance)

  • Use another clipper in the Clip Treatment (better CPU performance)

  • Refactoring of Treatment Thermo*

  • Stop embedding documentation in the package

  • Treatment merge now handles boundary conditions

  • Move thermodynamic average treatments in turbomachine directory

  • Allow multiple blades in meridional view in hH treatment

### Fixed

  • Fix cone and cylinder issues in Treatment Clip with refactoring

  • Fix origin issues in Treatment Cut for cone

  • Fix axis and origin issues in Treatment Cut for cylinder

  • Fix CrinkleSlice with the new Treatment Unstructure

  • Fix Threshold with the new Treatment Unstructure

  • Avoid extra works when same marker for different families in treatment BL

  • List profile_points can be void in treatment BL

  • Reader HdfCgns and family links

  • Clip Treatment with unstructured mesh and shared instant

  • Misusage of connectivity for unstructured meshes fixed in interpolation treatment

  • Issue with shared connectivity when slicing (Bug #1281)

  • Stable computation of local hh in thermo averages

  • Treatment hH due to change in zone __copy__ and Base __get_family__

## [1.12.0] - 2018-10-15

### Added

  • New Cell2Node Treatment, able to fully compute all contribution through multi zone edges, and apply periodicity

  • method to build rotation matrix from angles

### Changed

  • add periodicity storage member in Boundary object

  • add periodicity extraction for PyCGNS and HdfCGNS readers

### Fixed

  • PyCGNS reader: fix bnd slicing + set correct shape in instant

## [1.11.0] - 2018-07-10

### Added

  • Check duplicate names in blockName UserDefineData CGNS node in ReaderHdfCgns

  • Read face-based connectivity if also cell-based one in ReaderHdfCgns

  • Read BCData_t nodes in ReaderHdfCgns

  • Add multiple isosurfaces at the same time in Treatment Isosurface

  • Add Treatment MultiChoroChronic Asynchronous

  • Add Treatment MultiChoroChronic Synchronous

  • Add boundary condition connectivity when reading face-based connectivity in Reader HDF CGNS

  • Add datasets to boundary conditions

  • Reader for in memory pyCGNS/pyTree objects

  • Add Treatment Tetrahedralize

  • Add Treatment Cut without VTK

  • Add families in results of the boundary layer treatment

  • Changelog

  • Accept exponents D and d in Tecplot ascii reader

  • Add unit test for reader/writer gmsh

  • GitLab Continuous Integration

  • Add instantaneous entropy averaging

  • Add Treatment for basic mono-flux parametrization between hub and shroud

  • Add treatment to get LE/TE in turbomachinery configuration

  • Add GMSH Writer

  • Add __copy__ method to Base class

  • Shallow copy of connectivity in Instant initialization

### Changed

  • Remove unused lazy loading from writer column

  • Stop supporting vtk < 6 in treatment isosurface

  • New conception of Zone that inherits from Datasets

  • Interpolation now modify the target base

  • Improve threshold doc.

  • Improve pod doc.

  • Create a default family with the BC name if family not given in Reader HDF-CGNS

  • Modify the logger behavior

  • Update

  • Modify method unstructure in Zone

### Deprecated

### Removed

### Fixed

  • Fix write 2D HDF5 AVBP mesh

  • Fix reader binary tecplot when using option ‘base’ (addition of data to an existing base)

  • Fix glitches in surfaces from treatment Acut (cut without vtk)

  • Fix boundary layer treatment (check tri and qua)

  • Fix compute bounding box with shared only

  • Fix crash when writing empty base in cgns.

  • Fix the reader tecplot on zone name when using the tag <instant>

  • Fix open mode to ‘rb’ only due to windows os in the reader formatted tecplot

  • Fix unit tests using NamedTemporaryFile from tempfile module

  • Fix bug on windows os (transpose was omitted)

  • Fix zone _parent when using family slicing

## 1.10.0 (October 24, 2017)

### Added

Contents of release 1.10.0 / changes wrt 1.9.0

The progress bar is new. It relies on tqdm. If you do not want to get this package, then you recover the old Antares 1.8.2 progress bar.

More details can be found at 1.10.0.

### Changed - New progress bar based <a href=””>tqdm</a> if available. Otherwise, a simple progress bar is provided. - Reduce memory consumption of ReaderHdfAvbp - Reader ‘hdf_cgns’ can now keep the original names - Simplify function read_variable in ReaderV3DFormated - Many modifications in ReaderHdfavbp/WriterHdfavbp - Add method clear() for the custom dictionary (CustomDict) - Refactoring of Reader HDF CGNS (Bug <a href=””>#1687</a>, Feature <a href=””>#1540</a>) - Import zone names in Tecplot readers (Feature <a href=””>#1938</a>) - Write parameters from Family in writer HDF CGNS - Write base with only shared instant in writer HDF CGNS - Write family names of zones in writer HDF CGNS - Refactor Boundary class - Merge branch ‘feature/reader_xdmf_labs’ into develop - Merge branch ‘feature/grad2D’ into develop - Merge branch ‘feature/fft_complex’ into develop

### Fixed

  • Fix on Windows platform

  • Read every n files (Feature <a href=””>#1632</a>)

  • Enable more than one tag instant ‘&lt;instant&gt;’ in the filename

  • Fix use of tag &lt;instant&gt; with the hdf_antares reader

  • Pass correctly families on new base issued from Base.get_location (Bug <a href=””>#1755</a>)

  • Reading an unstructured CGNS file (Bug <a href=””>#1660</a>)

  • Improve base slicing (families are correctly handled)

  • Fix variables in writer due to Igor reserved keywords

  • antares/core/DefaultGlobalVar has been removed; Check antares/core/GlobalVar and antares/core/Constant

## 1.9.0 (February 10, 2017)

### Added

  • POD Treatment (Proper Orthogonal Decomposition)

  • Writer HDF5 AVBP (Feature <a href=””>#1173</a>)

  • Reader (Feature <a href=””>#1486</a>) and Writer CSV (Feature <a href=””>#1487</a>)

  • Read every n file (Feature <a href=””>#1632</a>)

  • Shortcut to print a Base in a compact and fancy manner (Feature <a href=””>#1624</a>)

  • Enable shared mesh and connectivity in Ensight Reader with a user’s key

  • Use matplotlib for TreatmentPlot

  • New progress bar

  • Improve overall documentation, and online help for Readers, Writers, and Treatments

  • Add memory estimate at each internal Antares print statement

  • TreatmentChoroReconstruct: looking for an example and documentation (Document <a href=””>#1339</a>)

  • Remove method delete_variables from Base </br>

    New default dtype=float32 for Writers

  • Modify base.rename_variables (change coordinate_names accordingly) </br>

    Modify writerHdfCgns (with different types of location for solution nodes) </br> Add equations from a user file </br> Warning if no variables to treat in the gradient treatment

  • Modify stats.discrete_xxx to allow performing xxx operations even if NaN are in the arrays

  • Add rhou, rhov, rhow, rhoE in VARIABLE_NAMES </br>

    Remove roe (confusing with internal energy)

  • Fix bug in ReaderInstant and WriterInstant (add call to __init__())

  • Add thermodynamic averages based on surface or massflow rate

  • Remove warning message in the formated tecplot reader

  • Minor change in bin/fast… tools to plot help message

  • New model for LIST_KEYS formating (longer lines possible) </br>

    Introduce ‘example’ key in LIST_KEYS dedicated to give some explanation for users </br> Introduce optional dependencies at the top of module (use of decorators)

  • Refactor gradient computation (Instant, TreatmentGradient, GeomUtils) </br>

    Comments for documentation

  • Remove set_coordinate_system function (now do base.coordinate_names = ) </br>

    In base.compute_coordinate_system, replace substring ‘actual’ by ‘current’ for arguments

  • mlab.psd not correctly set in (Bug <a href=””>#1622</a>) </br>

    Pad default value changed to 1 </br> Documentation updated

  • Interpolation treatment: enable different instant names between the source base and the target base (Bug <a href=””>#1338</a>)

  • TreatmentCut: memory mode broken (Bug <a href=””>#1563</a>)

  • Change import module mlab in (Bug <a href=””>#1583</a>)

  • Base unstructure with 2D mesh and with shape of length 3 (Bug <a href=””>#1523</a>)

  • ReaderVtk with <zone> tag (Bug <a href=””>#1522</a>)

  • Reader Vtk: shape mismatch when using tag <zone> (Bug <a href=””>#1553</a>)

  • TreatmentCut with only shared variables (Bug <a href=””>#1552</a>)

  • Base slicing with variables, and shared shape (Bug <a href=””>#1519</a>)

  • Python / ImportError: Import by filename is not supported (Bug <a href=””>#1575</a>)

## 1.8.2 (July 19, 2016) - Treatment Cut: type ‘revolution’ (Bug <a href=””>#1537</a>)

## 1.8.1 (July 05, 2016) - fix bug in ReaderInstant and WriterInstant (add call to __init__()) (Bug <a href=””>#1524</a>)

## 1.8.0 (June 29, 2016)

  • Store coordinate names as attribute in class Base (Feature <a href=””>#1433</a>) </br>

    Default coordinate names are gone. If you get “TypeError: object of type ‘NoneType’” related to ‘coordinates’ in some treatment, then consider using either the key ‘coordinates’, or ‘base.set_coordinate_names()’, or “base.coordinate_names=[‘x’,’y’,’z’]”

  • Reader Fluent (Feature <a href=””>#1420</a>)

  • Reader NetCDF (Feature <a href=””>#1357</a>)

  • Reader Ensight (Feature <a href=””>#1325</a>)

  • new instant_regex (interval of integers + leading zeroes) </br>

    can now use: </br> reader[‘instant_regex’] = (1, 3, 4) or </br> reader[‘instant_regex’] = (10, 33) </br>

  • writer hdf_cgns: write solutions at nodes and cells </br>

    reader bin_tp: read face_based connectivity (but do not use it)

  • add a method (base.rename_variables) to rename variables (Feature <a href=””>#1501</a>)

  • Treatment Cut: multiple cuts in a single execute() statement (Feature <a href=””>#1500</a>)

  • Treatment Cut: avoid useless zones as cheaply as possible (Feature <a href=””>#1499</a>)

  • Treatment Cut: option not to triangulate the surface systematically (Feature <a href=””>#1494</a>)

  • Treatment Cut with Splines (Feature <a href=””>#1492</a>)

  • add a method (compute_coordinate_system) to compute the cylindrical coordinate system from the cartesian coordinate system

  • add a method (delete_variables) to remove variables from base, zone, or instant

  • Treatment for initialization of test case: channel flow (Feature <a href=””>#1483</a>)

  • TreatmentMerge unstructured bases made of triangle elements in a single-zone base (Feature <a href=””>#1235</a>) </br>

    Treatment CrinkleSlice </br> cell_to_node for unstructured grids </br> Merge with sorting variables renamed into UnwrapLine </br>

  • Thermodynamic Average Treatment (Feature <a href=””>#1308</a>) </br>

    Turbomachine Performance Treatment (Feature <a href=””>#1311</a>)

  • Change API of Readers and writers (Feature <a href=””>#1505</a>) </br>

    change Reader/Writer constructor. </br> Now give the value of the old key ‘file_format’ as argument. </br> E.g. Reader(‘bin_tp’) instead of reader[‘file_format’] = ‘bin_tp’

  • refactoring of TreatmentLine

  • treatment cut, 2D meshes with zone detection </br>

    topology readers, initialize attributes

  • introduce path finding process for external treatments

  • Shorcuts/compound scripts/commands for users in a hurry (External #1497)

  • modify treatmentCut for revolution type

  • refactor TreatmentCut (only one cutter.Update() with shared coordinates)

  • source and target bases can now have different coordinate names in the interpolation treatment

  • change key ‘value’ into key ‘position’ especially in turbomachine treatments

  • introduce routines to change default names (base, zone, instant).

    modify HDF CGNS writer accordingly.

  • accept files with 2-node lines in Gmsh Reader

  • add documentation about origin in the cut treatment

  • change clip into threshold in examples

  • Family are now ordered properly instead of alphabetical order (Bug <a href=””>#1353</a>)

  • Writer Binary Tecplot and memory mode (Bug <a href=””>#1496</a>)

  • Create Gridline without shared instant (Bug <a href=””>#1435</a>)

  • Zone.is_structured() based on shared_instant is confusing (Bug <a href=””>#1424</a>)

## 1.7.0 (January 19, 2016)

## 1.6.2 (September 02, 2015) - fix read hdf_cgns files with block connectivities

## 1.6.1 (August 24, 2015) - fix Swap axis for 2D structured base with shared instant (Bug <a href=””>#1261</a>) - fix Reader HdfCgns try to import something that does not exist (Bug <a href=””>#1259</a>)

## 1.6.0 (July 31, 2015)

## 1.5.3 (May 20, 2015)

## 1.5.2 (May 18, 2015)

## 1.5.1 (April 28, 2015)

  • Using vtk methods with 2D meshes (Feature <a href=””>#1185</a>)

  • add more default values for coordinates (Feature <a href=””>#1179</a>)

  • add antares_csh.env csh script to set the environment for Antares

  • improve bin_tp V75 reader to enable variable loading on demand

  • merge read_variable_112 and read_variable_75 functions

  • extension of bin_tp V75 format to FEBLOCK format

  • pass attrs to sliced zone

  • slicing of shared variables generates now variables in the shared space and not in the instant space anymore.

    reduce useless reading of variables

  • Get the right attrs in the zone when reader has ‘shared’=’True’ (Bug <a href=””>#1183</a>)

  • Extend reader for formatted tecplot format (Bug <a href=””>#1182</a>)

## 1.5.0 (January 20, 2015)

  • chorochronic reconstruction

  • cut treatment of type ‘revolution’

  • geometric clipping based on vtk

  • topology writer for <a href=””>elsA</a> computation

  • computation of conservative variables from the relative frame to the absolute frame

  • tools for IO management in utils

  • extension of HDF CGNS reader for boundary filename

  • improvement of DFT with matrix formulation

  • add pangle in the elsA topology reader

  • add global borders for ‘nomatch’ joins in the elsA topology reader

  • compatibility with vtk6 for vtk writer

## 1.4.1 (September 10, 2014)

  • for AVSP users, add i_freq, r_freq, and modeindex to attrs

  • compatibility with vtk6 for clip and cut treatment

## 1.4.0 (April 11, 2014)

  • read and write unstructured cell centered data in Tecplot binary files

  • spatial mean operator in compute function

  • antares.env script to automatically set the

    PYTHONPATH and PATH environment variables

  • target condition number value to optimize_timelevels function

  • del_deep function on attrs object to remove an attribute at any level underneath

  • squeeze function to a base object

  • APFT algorithm to optimize the time instance of a HbComputation


  • TreatmentDft to perform a discrete Fourier transform on time-marching results.

    This has been developed and implemented by M. Daroukh.

  • new examples available in examples/ folder

  • time argument to duplication treatment to ease the automatic rotation

    with respect to time

  • removing color in print

  • extras keyword to attrs and add_extra method to add_attr. This has been

    done to be more compliant with the HDF data structure.

  • 10 * log(psd) normalization has been removed in TreatmentPsd

  • hpc_mode/hpc keywords to memory_mode

  • installation steps are now clearer and the libraries needed to use Antares

    are detailed

  • when dumping only shared variables in Tecplot binary files

  • in treatment merge when using shared variables

  • when reading a single point base in hdf_avbp <a href=””>(issue #33)</a>

  • fixed multiple location reading in Tecplot binary files

## 1.3.3 (July 5, 2013)

  • gnuplot_2d writer, look at the file_format specification for more infos

  • improved compute equation to fully take into account shared variables

  • bug correction in Tecplot fmt_tp format, data were not written using scientific notation

    which could lead to precision issues

  • shape management with shared <a href=””>(issue #32)</a>

  • copy and deepcopy of API elements

## 1.3.2 (June 7, 2013)

  • hpc_mode in writer class and cut treatment. The given base is deleted on the fly which results in better memory performances.

  • removing explicit gc.collect() calls using weakref module.

  • hbdft, interp and choro 30% faster.

  • Cell centered data shape management

  • robustness of hdf_cgns reader

## 1.3.1 (May 30, 2013)

  • Full python bin_v3d writer

  • Formula of speed of sound changed to only take conservative variables as input, no gas constant is needed anymore

  • Improve hbdft treatment to take into account cell values

  • Add file lazy loading if variable lazy loading is not available

  • For file format hdf_avbp: bug fix on reading the connectivity of flagged zones

  • Reader bin_v3d bug fixes

  • Bug fix in reading overlap boundaries in python topology card

  • Bug fix when using the psd treatment with several instants

## 1.3.0 (April 19, 2013)

  • Variable lazy-loading for all readers

  • Reader for format hdf_cgns

  • Attribute dtype is now available for writer bin_tp and bin_vtk

    to write in simple precision

  • Examples for each treatment in the documentation

  • Modified Antares header

  • Multiple bugs fixed in deepcopy

  • Writer can now write a base with only data in the shared instant

  • Bug fixed for variable slicing with shared variables

  • Reader of multi-instant files (bin_tp format) was adding the various

    instants as new zones

## 1.2.1 (April 10, 2013)

  • Rotation of field using omega for HbChoro treatment

  • Style option in plot Treatment

  • prepare4tsm function for HB/TSM computations

  • Update doc: compute equation, global variables and

    binary Tecplot format description.

  • Performance improvement of Instant object, cut treatment when

    using shared variables and equation computation

  • Robustness of Tecplot formatted file reader

  • Bug in Base initialization when a Base object is given as input

  • In merge treatment, the extras were lost

## 1.2.0 (March 20, 2013)

## 1.3 (January 29, 2013)

## 1.2 (January 17, 2013)

  • Families of Families

  • deep argument to the add_extra function. It allows to force setting

    an extra at each level of a Family object

  • handling prism elements

  • variable_to_ignore attribute to hb_dft treatment

  • reading/writing mixed cell/nodes binary Tecplot files

  • multiple file hability to writer vtk. It now creates an additional .pvd file that can be opened

    within paraview and works as a multi-block file. Please note that the extension of the written files are replaced by .vtu for unstructured files and .vts for structured files.

  • formatted Tecplot file writer. It is now easier to read it

  • the use of connectivity attribute now forces the file to be read

  • bug correction when using vtk with cell-centered data

  • improve filename handling in Reader when the user gives a non-unix like filename

  • Window slicing can not be applied on cell data

## 1.1 (December 12, 2012)

  • min and max functions to Base.compute

  • bug in vtk treatments when a base with cell values is given

  • bug in version name, the ‘dirty’ word was displayed because of a bad git setting

  • bug correction in vtk import, was done even if not needed

  • bug correction in antares_plot binary, -v option had no effects

## 1.0 (December 5, 2012)

  • Dmd and Dmd1d treatments

  • Airfoil treatment

  • Plot treatment

  • io with shared variables

  • io bin_tp (TDV112 and TDV75) in pure python. Please note that the binary tecplot format compatible with elsA is bin_tp_75

  • io fmt_tp in pure python

  • io vtk (fmt_vtk and bin_vtk)

  • Base.get_location

  • Harmonic Balance algorithm to optimize the timelevels

  • Harmonic Balance source term computation

  • The computation of Base.stats is memory efficient (done block per block)

  • Base.find_superblocks function returns the superblocks found

  • vtk object creation from Antares API is more efficient

  • duplication and chorochronic duplication are now new zones not new instants

  • location attribute on writer is removed, the user is pleased to use the function Base.get_location at base level

  • reader HDF reads now the AVBP family and stores them into Base.families

  • iPlot is renamed antares_plot for consistency, take a look at bin for information

  • bug when reading a column file that has only one value per variable

  • bug when deleting element of the API. These were not properly deleted, resulting in a memory leak

  • bug when using Base.copy with a base that has shared variables

  • bug when using Base.node_to_cell on a base that has shared variables

  • bug when deepcopying a Family object

  • memory leak when using slicing on an API object

  • bug in isosurface treatment

## 1.0.9 (October 8, 2012)

  • Filter treatment for signal processing to apply a low or high pass filter on a 1D signal

  • function to compute node values from cells (for structured grid only, taking into account join condition if given)

  • color function to remove color print (for log file for example)

  • equations for variables Cp, Cv, Ti, Pi, hi

  • Reader can take a base in input to fill with the data read

  • shared Instant management (shape, variables positions, force read…)

  • Clip treatment remove the zone if all the nodes are removed during the clipping

  • Rgaz value has been removed from global variables to avoid any misuse

## 1.0.8 (September 7, 2012)

  • in iPlot, one can now can remove legend using the -L option.

  • unstructure function which allows to convert a structured base into an unstructured one

  • ‘clip’ treatment which allow to remove a part of the base

  • getitem functions behaviour

  • added hexaedron cell type for unstructured writers

  • ‘slice’ treatment name is now ‘cut’ and allows to make cut not only planar, but also cylindrical, spherical and conic

  • refresh in iPlot now work correctly

## 1.0.72 (September 3, 2012)

  • Hbinterp treatment time key can use in_extra feature,

  • FFT treatment only returns the positive frequency part of the FFT.

## 1.0.71 (August 28, 2012)

  • in iPlot, one can now export the picture as a png using the -s option.

  • closest has been re-written in numpy instead of fortran.

## 1.0.7 (August 23, 2012)

  • stats function on Base object that, for each variable, gives the mean, min, max and the variance,

  • full python Tecplot binary file reader and writer,

  • more treatments examples.

  • Antares does not use tvtk anymore for slice and iso-surface treatments, it uses vtk instead

  • bug when using the lazing loading and the shape attribute of instant

## 1.0.61 (July 31, 2012)

  • bugs in TreatmentIsosurface.

## 1.0.6 (July 27, 2012)

  • node_to_cell function (for both structured and unstructured grid),

  • Window attributes, now use a zone_name attribute instead of the _parent attribute to know in which zone to work

  • Zone/Instant shape attribute (the attribute can now be set with just a = instead of using set_shape function)

  • Zone/Instant connectivity is now an attribute instead of a function,

  • bugs in shared Instant management,

  • bug in Base.grid_points,

  • bug in Gridline treatment (for O grid),

  • bug in FFT/PSD when using keys time_t0/tf to restrict the signal,

  • bug in Base getitem.

  • bug in Family getitem.

## 1.0.5 (July 16, 2012)

  • topological extraction of planes, lines and probes,

  • antares can now read Tecplot formatted files in point format,

  • bug in writer column, for false 1D array (3D but with two dimensions that have shape 1),

  • bug in FFT/PSD, were not working anymore.

## 1.0.4 (July 12, 2012)

  • bug in when the fortran compilers were not understood by python

  • bug in compute function when variables are shared between instants,

  • bug in slice treatment (was time-consuming),

## 1.0.3 (July 9, 2012)

  • iPlot, plotting tool based on,

  • deepcopy function in API classes,

  • some examples,

  • clean option to the script,

  • doc enhancement (in particular treatment part),

  • bug in print that was not using the custom clint library,

  • bug in tree slicing when a variable was shared in antares.Base,

## 1.0.2 (June 29, 2012)

  • location can be set on reader/writer,

  • example for restart tools for HB computations,

  • phaselag parameter is now settable on a antares.HbComputation.

  • doc enhancement,

  • several bug fixes.

## 1.0.1 (June 5, 2012)

First version